Why are GMO’s bad ?



You might be wondering, “what are GMOs?” They are genetically modified organisms that many of us consume on a daily basis without even knowing it. A typical GMO food consists of plant or animal products created through gene splicing techniques of biotechnology.  There are many concerns that GMO foods are unhealthy, sometimes causing long lasting health issues with many countries banning their use entirely.


A typical GMO food list consists of cooking ingredients such as milk, Zucchini, soy, salmon and so on.  Did you know that the altered food could change the flavor of your meals?  This is a major concern for many chefs since the quality of their dishes not only rely on nutrition, but flavor!  Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are necessary to make a healthy and satisfying dish and we encourage you to find retailers that support the non GMO use.


This problem can be solved by only purchasing organic foods from trust worthy health food stores and local farmers. It’s important to research where your products come from and where quality ingredients can be found. It might be a bit pricier, but the end result is well worth it. The natural choices have a better flavor, as well as being a better choice for health in the long run. Chefs that use Non-GMO based products see a fresher flavor in their dishes.


You can support the cause by researching Non-GMO organizations that draw attention to genetically engineered foods and how important it is to eat whole foods products. GMO food labeling is a controversy that many chefs demand to be brought to light. People have a right to know what they are putting in their bodies, and in their family’s bodies.  The more concern brought towards the issue of GMOs, the better, our article with friends and family to bring awareness to the foods they consume.


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